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Life is full of precious moments let us help you hear them all... 

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At LHS you will find Technology, Care, and Personalized attention!

We work with several different hearing aids options. Because we are an independent practice we have the ability to prescribe and service many different brands of prescription hearing devices. All of the brands we carry are backed by world renowned hearing aid manufacturers who have solid research and development driving their innovations. The majority of hearing aids we carry are Bluetooth compatible and there are many rechargeable options available. We base our treatment recommendations on each patient’s hearing loss, lifestyle, listening demands, and preferences.

Behind the Ear hearing aids are by far the most popular style. They are discreet, comfortable and offer many options for technology and convenience. These devices can be worn with a small earbud or a custom-made mold. The coupling option is based on your hearing loss, ease of handling, and the shape of your ear. These devices come in rechargeable options and with standard battery offerings. We will fit your behind the ear hearing aid with your unique needs in mind.

In the Ear hearing aids are custom made just for you! They come in many sizes, shapes, and colors to make sure that you get the hearing aid that is truly customized for you. There are now some rechargeable options available for ITE hearing aids, which improves the ease of use for many patients.

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