What's New at LHS?

One of our goals at LHS is to make sure your hearing aids are always performing at their optimal level. To help reach this goal we have invested in some new equipment to make sure we are taking care of your devices with the most up to date tools available. 

Our new Redux dryer is the best on the market for getting moisture out of your devices. Moisture can make your hearing aids act crazy!! Some of the symptoms of moisture damage are cutting in and out, static, hearing aids sound distorted, the hearing aids are emitting beeps that you have never heard before, and the hearing aids are working intermittently. If you are having any of these symptoms feel free to stop in or call us today. Even if you did not get your hearing aids from us, we are happy to offer this service to you.


Do you ever wonder if your hearing aids are really working the way they should? Sometimes issues can show up in hearing aids that are not apparent just by listening to them or looking them over. With our new Hit box, we can now run a full diagnostic test battery on your devices to find out if your hearing aids are still meeting specs. This allows us to better diagnose issues and even help to prevent costly repairs, if the issues are caught while your devices are still in warranty. Call us today to schedule an appointment to see if your hearing aids are up to specs!! We service most major manufacturers, including: Oticon, Starkey, Phonak, Unitron, Widex, Signia, and Resound.