Sudden hearing loss requires immediate medical attention

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Every day I work, I test patient’s hearing. I sit across the table from them and explain the hearing test which often shows hearing loss. I counsel them regarding the hearing loss and make specific recommendations about the test results which may be to make an appointment with their doctor or consider obtaining a hearing device. Most days, I am asked if I have a hearing loss. Until yesterday, the answer was “no” I don’t. Yesterday I woke up with a “muffled” sounding ear. I was trying to talk on my cell phone on my way to work (I do not advocate talking on the phone and driving) and I was having a hard time hearing the conversation so I kept hitting my volume up control and blamed it on the “dead zone” on North River Road. Unfortunately, it was not the “dead zone” it was my hearing. Over night, I lost about 45% of my hearing in my left ear. If this ever happens to you or someone you know, please insist they see their doctor ASAP. The quicker the medical assessment is made and treatment begun, the more likely the hearing will return. I have tested several people over the years with sudden hearing loss who did not seek treatment for a couple months……………not a good thing. My best friends right now are steroids and the hearing aid that I use for demonstrations in my office. I am very optimistic that my hearing will return. The only reason I am posting this story is to bring awareness about the importance of medical intervention ASAP if this happens to you.

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