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Give your ears a New Years tune up! Call our office to schedule a hearing exam. “Hear’s to you for a happy 2013. Cheers!

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Welcome Winter

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Heading someplace warm for an extended stay?  Be sure to have your hearing aids cleaned and pick up extra batteries to get you through.  If you have not had your hearing checked within the last 24 months or so, schedule a hearing test as well for peace of mind.

Lifetime Hearing Services, serving the Blue Water Community for over 15 years, is ‘hear’ to help you!

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Tactics to Improve Listening and Hearing

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Abridged from an article by Mark Ross, Ph.D., audiologist and professor emeritus at the University of Connecticut.

Hearing tactics means changing the environment to make it easier for you to understand people.  That means that you plan ahead, marshal your resources, and engage the “enemy”—the difficult communication situation.  Here are some examples:

Move closer..always try to get closer to the person talking.

Quiet the room..do what you can by asking graciously to have music turned down, etc.

Advance planning..call ahead to see if assistive listening devices are available.

Remember the three themes:

  • Acknowledge your hearing loss
  • Be assertive in approaching hearing situations
  • Remember that your efforts serve the purposes of both parties in the communication exchange
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